Option 1: Member applies online and pays via PayPal which sets up automatic dues payment annually on the anniversary of sign-up date. (PREFERRED)


Option 2: Those members unable or unwilling to use the auto payment system for dues will be invoiced annually by email on June 1 for the coming year (Membership Term is July 1 - June 30). Payment can be paid online (via email link) or by regular mail. As long as the payment link in the email is used, the payment will be recorded as a DUES PAYMENT in PayPal. If a check is mailed to the treasurer , SIP will keep a record for payments by check. If payment is not received by June 30, membership will be suspended until payment is made. If no payment is made within 90 days, the record will be dropped from the membership roster and a new application must be created for membership.


There will also be an annual audit link to the listserv when annual invoices go out so that people can update member information (address, email, membership type, etc.). NOTE: If member info has NOT changed, the member does not need to complete the audit - it is ONLY for changes.