On Becoming a Native Psychologist

with panelists

Rindee Ashcraft, Ph.D., (Tlingit)

Tammy Greer, Ph.D., (United Houma Nation)

Stephanie Miller, Ph.D., (Mohawk)

The AI/AN Society of Indian Psychologists (SIP)

Native-to-Native Mentorship Program Webinar Series presents :

The SIP Mentorship Program Webinar

Series on Fridays:

Friday March 5, 2021

12:00pm - 1:30pm CST

SIP Mentorship Program Webinar #3: On Becoming a Native Psychologist:
A Panel on Career Choices and Paths Taken

ZOOM Meeting All Times Central Standard Time (CST)


03/05/21 12:00pm - 02/05/21 1:30pm


This Program presents a Webinar Series free and open to members of the SIP Community. Optional CEs available for Mentors and Guests.

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Questions about the SIP Mentorship Program or this Webinar Series?

Denise L. Newman, Ph.D.

Mentorship Chair



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Rindee Ashcraft, Ph.D. (Tlingit)
Clinical Psychologist in Independent Practice
Bellevue, WA

Tammy Greer, Ph.D. (United Houma Nation)
Associate Professor in Education and Human Sciences
University of Southern Mississippi

Stephanie Miller, Ph.D. (Mohawk)
Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology
University of Mississippi
Discussion moderated by

Brian McNeill, Ph.D. (Chicano)
Professor and Co-Director of Training in Counseling Psychology
Washington State University


Denise L. Newman, Ph.D. (Ojibwe/Métis)
SIP Mentorship Program Chair
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Native-to-Native SIP Mentorship Program Webinar Series was designed as a didactic accompaniment to help improve intergenerational professional development and provide mentoring support. Much of what mentors do is advise junior colleagues and aspiring colleagues on career and identity development by reference to and reflection on their own personal experiences. This webinar will include presentations by three mid-career Native psychologists: Dr. Stephanie Miller, Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology at the University of Mississippi; Dr. Rindee Ashcraft, Clinical Psychologist in Independent Practice in Bellevue, WA., and Dr. Tammy Greer, Associate Professor in Experimental Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi. The primary goals of this webinar are for participants to become familiar with the reasons individuals selected psychology as the focus of their careers, and what diverse paths, approaches, and strategies they used in their lifelong journey of becoming psychologists. The presenters will address the specifics of their current work roles as well as discuss roles they had in other positions they held as psychologists. As they address the stories of their career beginnings, they will have a special focus on how they incorporate cultural identity into professional practices, research, teaching, and consulting. We are interested in exploring how becoming a psychologist shapes one’s identity, and how identity as Native people shapes the work of psychologists.

Native-to-Native SIP Mentors receive CE credits free of charge. Guests who wish to register for CE credits should make payment through Paypal for $30 using the button below:


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