We offer Lifetime, Retiree, or Special Memberships

for Financial Hardship circumstances.

Lifetime Membership


You can join the Society of Indian Psychologists for your lifetime! Currently, a lifetime membership costs $1000.00. If you would like to sign up for a lifetime membership, please email us below and get in touch so we can assist you. Just let us know you want to be a lifetime member.

Retiree Membership


The Society of Indian Psychologists now has a membership for those who may be retired and for our Elders, who's income may be more limited than when working as a full-time professional. If this is you, just let us know by sending us a note below and we can reduce your membership fees to $35 annually.

Special Circumstances /

Financial Hardship


Do your circumstances require a waiver of membership dues this year? Or, do you have a special situation that limits your ability to join or renew at the current member price? If so, please contact us below and telling us a little about your situation. We are always honored to assist a community member in need when possible.

Special Memberships F.A.Q.


Partial-year membership: The Society of Indian Psychologists does not offer partial-year or pro-rated memberships.

Gifting a membership: What better gift to give to a relative, colleague, or student?!

If you know someone who can benefit from membership in the Society of Indian Psychologists and want to give them a gift of membership, contact us using the form below. We'll reply promptly to assist you in giving your gift of membership.

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