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Society of Indian Psychologists By-Laws
(Updated June 2022)


Download the full bylaws here.

Article I: Name and Mission

1.1 Name of the Society

1.2 Mission Statement

1.3 Purpose of the Society


Article II: Membership

2.1 Membership Criteria

2.2 Application for Membership

2.3 Membership Dues

2.4 Membership Rights & Responsibilities

2.5 Removal from Membership


Article III: Executive Committee and Officers

3.1 Composition of Executive Committee

3.2 Election and Term of Office

3.3 Removal and Resignation of Officers

3.4 President

3.5 Past President

3.6 President Elect

3.7 Treasurer

3.8 Secretary

3.9 Student Representatives

3.10 APA Council Representative

3.11 Council of Elders


Article IV: Meetings

4.1 General Membership Meetings

4.2 Executive Committee Meetings


Article V: Committees

5.1 Standing Committees

5.2 Special Committees and Task Forces

5.3 Committee Reports


Article VI: Non-Discrimination

6.1 Society Policy


Article VII: Bylaw Amendments

7.1 Proposing Bylaw Amendments

7.2 Review of Proposed Bylaw Amendments

7.3 Voting on Bylaw Amendments


Article VIII: Affiliated Membership Chapters

8.1 Eligibility

8.2 Applications

8.3 Dues

8.4 Liaison to the Executive Committee

8.5 Removal

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