Rationale: This protocol must be consistent with Tribal IRB protocols. In addition, it must be standardized so as to be a safeguard for the variations of IRB protocols across Tribes. Someone from SIP must be responsible for approving the research project as scientifically sound and culturally appropriate. All of these points are meant to protect the rights around confidentiality for research participants and the respective Tribal Nations under investigation.

When posting recruitment information on the SIP Listserv, an email must first be submitted to the SIP Listserv Research Committee. The submission must contain:

  1. IRB approval number

  2. Contact information of the PI, or advisor if student, and Native American research consultant (this person can also be a SIP member)

  3. Contact information home institutions IRB

  4. Full IRB application form from home institution including the research proposal.

  5. The committee will then designate a team to review the study 

  6. The committee will rotate between teams of two per review and include at least one Senior SIP member and one student SIP member. 

If you are requesting permission to access SIP as participants and/or use SIP members to get ideas for recruitment samples you will need a letter of support from a SIP member and/or IRB approval letter.

This document should include all of the following:



  1. The name of the Principle Investigator- who is: American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and/or, recognized as an active SIP member.

  2. Student Researcher who is: American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or has at least one Senior SIP member on their research committee or in serving as their research faculty advisor.

  3. If PI is not Native they must be consulting with at least one American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian who is either a SIP member or on their IRB committee or Tribe under investigation

  1. A clearly stated plan for dissemination of findings. 

  2. Approval that the Principle Investigator/research student will submit a publishable summary of their findings to JIR for publication, this will ensure research is getting back to Tribal communities.

  3. SIP review prior to submission.

  4. Clear plan for storage and sharing of data.

Data reported in publications should reflect the IRB approval document (i.e.: informed consent), including specifiers that no participants' Tribal affiliation will be reported in the final write up for publication if required by tribal IRB

  • If the PI/research student collects Tribal affiliation from SIP participants, they can report no more than regional demographics to protect Tribal communities

  • If they are seeking data from specific SIP Tribal members they must also submit a letter of support through each respective Tribe (ie: seeking SIP members who are members of the Cherokee Tribe)

    • If the PI/research student collects data from participants who were recruited as a result of SIP members advice, they should only report regional demographics unless stated otherwise in the Tribal IRB approval

    • If they are targeting specific Tribes from their request to recruit participants through ideas from SIP members they must submit a letter of approval for each target Tribe. (i.e.: seeking SIP help for me to find Native American college students from the Cherokee Nation for study)​

  • Any approved changes to IRB applications at any time during the project should besubmitted to SIP in be form of an official IRB document.

  • Approvals from SIP Research Committee should be completed within 30 days.


Please download and complete SUBMISSION CHECKLIST here and
forward requests to the Research Committee Chair here