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Nov 15, 2023 People of Color in Psychology

Episode 45 - Through centuries of resilience, Native Americans and Indigenous peoples have developed profound healing practices that address both mental and spiritual well-being. Psychologists can draw invaluable lessons from Indigenous cultures by cultivating deeper connections and honoring their approaches to healing. In this episode, we discuss with Dr. Mark Standing Eagle Baez who developed a culturally responsive approach to care called the Sweetgrass Method. Dr. Baez is also the president-elect of the Society of Indian Psychologists, a fantastic community advocating for Native mental health by bringing attention to issues influencing Native mental health and psychology today.

November 2023

November is Native American Heritage Month. Join SIP President Dr. B. J. Boyd and SIP President-Elect Dr. Mark Standing Eagle Baez in conversation with APA President Dr. Thema Bryant as they discuss the power of Native American cultural identity, the contributions of Native American psychologists to the field, and more.

November 2023

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