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The Society of Indian Psychologists

Native American and Alaska Native professionals advocating for Native mental health

by bringing attention to issues influencing Native mental health and psychology today.

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The DIV. 35, Section 6. MMIR Task Force is opening MMIR awareness t-shirt pre-orders!

Pre-order deadline for SIP pick up will be June 17th. 

Purpose of these Shirts:

These shirts are being shared in hopes of raising awareness of our Relatives who are missing or have been murdered. When we see our Relatives faces and read their names, we know their lives are more than "just a statistic" and the MMIR epidemic ripples through all intersecting identities within AI/AN communities.

All Relatives are sacred.

All Relatives are deserving of justice.

All Relatives are worthy of being seen and heard.

Find more MMIR resources here:

Please use the following link to access the pre-order google form. Pre-Order MMIR t-shirt form

We invite you to continue to create safe spaces for our two-spirit and LGBT+ communities! 

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the diverse identities and experiences within the LGBTQ+ community. Among these identities is the Two-Spirit, a term used by some Indigenous North Americans to describe a person who embodies both masculine and feminine qualities. Two-Spirit individuals have historically held respected roles within their communities, often serving as healers, mediators, and keepers of tradition. Recognizing and honoring Two-Spirit people during Pride Month not only enriches our understanding of gender and sexuality but also acknowledges the unique cultural heritage and contributions of Indigenous peoples. This Pride Month, let's celebrate the full spectrum of identities and uplift the voices of Two-Spirit individuals in our journey towards equality and inclusion.

Turtle Island Resources:


Indian Health Services, Two-Spirit health. 

Vancouver Public Library Two-Spirit Resources.

SIP Attends the APA 2023 Convention

Dr. Mark Standing Eagle Baez
APA 2023 Convention
APA 2023 Convention
APA 2023 Convention
APA 2023 Convention
APA 2023 Convention
APA 2023 Convention
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