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F.A.Q's about the annual SIP Conference and Retreat

By Anita Mihecoby, PhD

When is the SIP Conference and Retreat?

The SIP Conference and Retreat are held annually near the end of June. The SIP Retreat is held on Friday until Sunday, typically the week after Father’s Day weekend. The SIP Conference follows on Monday and Tuesday. The retreat distinguishes our annual conference from others as it exemplifies our value to connect with each other as a community in an informal setting for a couple of days before the formal presentations.

While this might seem like a substantial time commitment, we have found that attending both parts gives people time for touching base with colleagues, mentors, students and new contacts that we rarely have time for during the rest of the year. The conference is usually very busy, with little time for visiting. You do not have to attend both the retreat and the conference. Every year, time, work, tribal or family commitments lead some people to choose to attend only one of the events. This is up to your personal preference.

Who can come to the SIP Conference and Retreat?

The SIP Conference and Retreat are for all SIP members, their families (children, siblings, parents, spouses or partners, etc.), guests and anyone who works with Native American indigenous people in the area of mental health (defined broadly) or is studying to do so.

Where is the SIP retreat?

The Retreat has two locations to choose from, the Utah State University (USU) Training Center at Bear Lake in Garden City, UT and the Logan Canyon Horse Camp off the 89 N at the Franklin Basin Rd. exit.  Both locations are a 45 – 60 minute drive northwest from Logan, Utah up State Hwy 89.

USU Training Center lodging

The USU Training Center at Bear Lake is a dorm-style housing option. The training center has 6 rooms with bunk beds, 4 beds to a room, and shared bathrooms and showers. There will be either all men or all women to each room. Towels, sheets, pillows, and blankets are provided. A full kitchen with a refrigerator is available.

Horse Camp lodging

Lodging at the Franklin Basin Horse Camp includes the following camp gear for those staying at the horse camp: tents, sleeping bags, camping pads and pillows if requested and free of charge. Please make these requests early, as we need to gather the gear needed.

Retreat Lodging Fees (subject to change)
USU Training Center lodging fee = $10 per bed (includes Fri. & Sat.)
Horse Camp lodging fee = $10 a family (includes Fri. & Sat.)
Food is included with registration. Other costs may include additional food and entertainment outside of retreat activities.

How do you get to the retreat sites?

The Utah State University Bear Lake Training Center is located at: 1760 Bear Lake Blvd., Garden City, UT 84028


It is easy to miss since the lot it is decorated with trees that hide the building.

This picture shows the small signage signifying the building as USU Bear Lake Training Center.

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